Setsuban Kanri®: the management based on synchronized work-in-progress units

A Lean Thinking for PBEs

The so called Setsuban Kanri®technique ( synchronized process units based management system, is a managment technique  originally developed as method to manage production in the shipbuilding industry in Japan. This approach makes it possible to synchronize the production plan as well as to pursuit the achievement of operational objectives in terms of compliance with the contractual dates, expected margins and  quality of the supplies.

This method is particularly suitable for project based enterpries, whose production model can be one among Design-to-Order, Engineering-to-Order, Assembly-to-Order or Make-to-Order.

This technique applications are crosswise to industry and business size. Successful projects refer to machine tools, metal works, Oil & Gas, Energy, packaging lines, forging and many others.

The strength and effectiveness of this approach arise from the simplicity of its basic principle: a simultaneous control along two management “axes”: the job order one (x axis) and the working unit /department one (y axis) on a synchronized  base and supported by a series of Visual Factory tools refined over the years and continuously improving thanks to the variety of applications in progress.