Shopfloor operations improvement

Change work by changing the work mindset of people

Shopfloor Operations improvement

All the organizations are interested in achieving tangible improvements, cherishing an impact on their business “economics”. But equally important is that these results be stable over time (i.e. they would not last only the kaizen week) or, best, that people in the company be capable to keep on improving those results, on their own.

An innovative way to obtain this, requires the launch of improvement projects by designing a focused event for all the people involved in the project (for example: heads of division, expert operators, process engineers, product designers, people in charge of Quality). During the workshop, real kick-off of the project, they will have the opportunity to experience the improvement path, understanding and adopting correctly the specific methods to be concretely applied during the project.

This enables, in a realistic but protected environment, to internalize the logic and the tools. Besides, a fundamental result is to team up. This favours a more rapid management that takes up the benefits derived from the project experience, while upgrading and increasing the competence and motivation of the people involved.

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Toshiba Tec Corporation – Part 2

Toshiba Tec Corporation – Part 2

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Toshiba Tec Corporation

Toshiba Tec Corporation

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