Reduce the time-to-market 

To achieve and hold the capability of delivering your products on time.

Your need

The relevant complexity of projects, the diversification of market features and of the conditions of product and service usage, as in general the strong competitive pressure do add up to specific needs that can result from extraordinary operations (companies reorganizations, assignment of new roles, etc.). They may cause undesirable effects – like delays in the release of drawings due to changes, unclear specifications, communication barriers among corporate functions, besides the uneven skill distribution and operating modes.


Our approach

We start by listening and analyzing the needs of the market: We show how to perform qualitative and quantitative analysis, supporting the generation of ideas for new products / services, therir selection and the translation of the selected ones into successful projects, thanks to specific methods that improve the development of new products and help maximize its profitability and duration throughout its entire life cycle. In particular, we work with customers for

  • specific improvement in R & D
  • the definition of R & D standards
  • management of development teams
  • cost reduction

The results obtained in some projects (in a variety of industries) are as follows:

  • average contribution to the business turnover from new products (+30 ~ 50%)
  • time-to-market (- 20 ~ 40%)
  • target cost ( actual cost gap to target cost before the SoP  <5%)
  • engineering efficiency (- 20 ~ 40% rework and unplanned activities in design)
  • product costs (- 10 ~ 25%)
  • delivery of project based products (100% products delivered on-time, zero penalties).

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