People, Practice and Production: learning the “know-how” to make the Lean transformation effective in the genba .


PCourse® is a training program with a strong practical value, focused on the Industrial Engineering key topics. The “P” of PCourse means “Production”, but also “Productivity”: the shopfloor becomes a classroom and the materials get to be training issues and object of a training in the field. The training session are both theoretical and immediately practical, with on the job sessions at the shopfloor. Participants achieve real and measurable results of  waste (muda) and loss reduction by applying at the shopfloor soon after each lesson the principles of understanding, analysis and application of the industrial engineering techniques.


By a PCourse® you can have:

  • a genuine Industrial Engineering skill-up in the company (needed for operational excellence and Lean transformation)
  • the combinination of a practical “know-how” teaching to the mere explanation provided by any “traditional” programme
  • the application of operational work in teams
  • the achievement of measurable results and benefits for the company.

Plant managers, Production and production technology managers, shift supervisors, …


On demand


10 days (5+5)


At your premises


English, Italian (your choice)


Minimum: 10 people

Give your projects a boost! This experience will make the difference in how your resources work together.

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