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Your need

Nowadays, few companies can afford a competition in globalized markets just relying on their excellent products and their uniqueness. The service offered increasingly represents the differentiating factor that allows companies to develop and grow even in competitive markets or dominated by players from low-cost countries.

But at what price ?! Overflowing inventory, redundant processes, production overcapacity, unlimited flexibility. Nor our innate ability to buffer emergency situations can be a solution.

Our approach

  • A streamlined organizational model,
  • an accurate inventory management,
  • a Just In Time logistics model,
  • a flexible but robust production system able to guarantee quality,
  • an agile and efficient distribution system,
  • a modular and flexible product design,
  • a  proper after-sales management system that puts the customer first,

are the correct answers to the requests of the markets. Ensuring good service levels does not imply that your staff  work  overtime and you record skyrocketing costs. Methodologies help to 

  • Reduction of Lead Time from weeks to a few days, 
  • On Time Delivery close to 99%,
  • zero delivery delays,
  • no penalties

are the objectives that our customers have achieved with us by adopting the correct features of Lean management models and techniques.

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