VRP® – Variety Reduction Program

A business management program of the variety in product and process. A smart solution to the conflict between differentiation (design, market) and efficiency (production)

For long we have been witnessing a growing saturation of demand and as a consequence an increase in the diversification of the offer, with related overt and hidden costs. The need to maintain a good or acceptable profitability pushes makers to reconsider their products, organization and processes. Moved by this kind of customers’ needs, in the 80s JMAC has conceived, developed and formalized a technique known in the world as VRP® (Variety Reduction Program):  a system of cost reduction going through the reduction of variety in products and processes. The technique allows to obtain benefits not achievable by the sum of single actions for optimization.

By modula design and the combination of fix and variable parts, the technique aims for a 30% reduction of the components, which means a chain of effects in cost reduction (up to 50% ), simplification of stock managment, process engineering and production as well.  

Needless to say, this is NOT a technique to cut parts and make products or processes weak, or unsafe!