The uniqueness of JMAC

The approach and style in every service delivered by JMAC

We aim for the effectiveness of our services based on five key principles


Personalizzazione dell’intervento

We consider the needs and objectives of each client, without neglecting the cultural and organizational specificities of everyone among parties. Whe know how to integrate well-known approaches and techniques such as Lean, TPM®, etc.  with innovative and customized applications (e.g. experiential training /Dōjō) – both digitally and physically.


Sound method contents

Our consultants know how to apply and tune on each project the best fitting tools and methodologies: Several techniques belonging to the managers’ toolbox worldwide (TPM®, VRP®, …). were developed by JMAC. Our hold on principles allows making them fit to the business environment, features and conditions of customers upon sharing and tuning with flexibility and innovation, without losing the grip on basics concepts as well as results.


Synergy and integration

In order to offer our customers effective, functional solutions under all point of views, we also employ qualified partners with special or niche expertise, as it happens for instance about the IoT , Smart Factory applications and karakuri (creative automation or LCIA) solutions.


Joint work with our customers

We work by integrating the skills of our professionals with those of the client: the key is generating joint teams of analysis, design and implementation with customers at each project. Our activity is aimed at building a managerial thinking of continuous and autonomous improvement, making it a habit and organizational configuration of our customers.


Realize a change

We support in the most critical phases of change and innovation, playing as motivators and a guide, walking side by side with the managers and workers of the company at all levels to realize a change and up to the target achievement.

We establish relationships of trust with our clients. Trust is a value we strive to preserve acting as a reliable and skillful partner, leading and supporting the organization throughout orientation, as well as in the active development of superior results.

The unique approach by JMAC

is merging two key aspects…





  • We focus on creating with our customers a culture of autonomous change: continuous and sustainable
  • We offer integrated services, which combine the approaches to process improvement (Lean, TPM, Visual, etc) with physical and digital applications, providing national and international expertise for the entire JMAC group
  • To develop the best solutions we develop synergic collaborations with technological partners in many fields, in Europe and Japan, to develop the value expected by clients (specific operational solutions as well as any complementary ones).