Improve the time-to-market

Your need

Shorter life cycles of products force companies to increase the number of new offers to the market and reduce their time-to-market. To be ever ready for the market without affecting the costs and quality of innovation, companies must revise their design management system, while acting on the management its Q, C, D. factors.

Our approach

Our interventions are based on the principles of anticipation, concurrent engineering and waste removal. We support you to free up resources enough to keep the job well done and while increasing the capacity and speed of the design system. The following table shows the average results achieved by our customers, 2-3 years after the start of consultancy projects to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the design of new products:

Some results obtained by our customers in most significant experiences:

  • Average contribution to turnover from new products (+30 ~ 50%)
  • Time-to-market (- 20 ~ 40%)
  • Target cost (difference between actual cost and target cost at the SoP <5%)
  • Product quality (- 60% on internal non-conformities, – 20% in warranty costs due to product reliability problems)
  • Engineering efficiency (- 20 ~ 40% rework and unexpected activities in design)
  • Product cost (- 10 ~ 25%)
  • Delivery of order-based (on demand) products (100% products delivered on-time, zero penalties)

Main industries or fields of application are:

  • Home appliances
  • Electrical / electronic devices and components
  • Components for automotive and related sectors
  • Machine tools
  • Construction machinery 
  • FA components
  • Oil & Gas
  • Home accessory design
  • Fashion goods

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