Increase the sales effectiveness and the value for customers

Your need

The management of internal activities does not produce the desired results and does not allow to achieve company objectives despite the experience of some sales figures. The products have been improved and the search for innovation is endless, but at times the difference has no positive effects on the turnover.

Our approach

Sales and marketing processes can successfully apply the principles of the Lean Thinking. Our approach has been provideing good results as far as such orientation of the management:

  • favors the adoption of operational techniques leads to build a comprehensive knowledge of the customers and of any associated sales opportunities 
  • provides standard models and tools to optimize the activities of marketing and sales management  (planning, implementation, control and analysis)
  • develops the skills of commercial resources, making them key enablers of the change process
  • promotes an attitude of partnership towards the players of the commercial chain;
  • brings a two-way information management system in between the company and the distribution network;
  • strengthens the integration of marketing and sales activities with the business value stream;
  • promotes in people a process-oriented focus instead of a task-oriented focus;
  • makes the commercial structure and the distribution network sensitive to a systematic and proactive use of  the measurement of facts/ phenomena as well as to the selection of key performance indicators (KPI);
  • facilitates the  P-D-C-A  (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle application to initiate a process of continuous improvement of the marketing and sales activity.

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Practice Area

Lean Sales management