The Customer Journey in a Workshop

What does my customer want?

The first principle of Lean is the value for the customer, but how sure we are we know WHAT is of value to our customer? 


How sure we are we know WHAT is of value to our customer?
How can we sharpen our perception about the value acknowledged by each client?
What can we do to understand HOW to start a process of continuous improvement?

Nice to have Waste
•  Solve my problems
• Generate a benefit for myself as a “customer”
• Provide me with exactly what I want, when and where I want
• Reduce my risks
• Do not waste time, money or cash availability
• Reduce as much as possible the number of decisions I have to make




We will start by asking you the only question that really matters: “Which aspect of your offer does the customer attribute to value?” It may seem a question that every entrepreneur is able to answer easily (!), But it does not. Answering, in fact, means asking a thousand questions:

  • What customer are we referring to?
  • At what stage of the purchasing process do we have to create value?
  • Shall we talk about the value of the product / service or about theexperience of purchase and use?

The workshop will go deep to these points, working especially with the following aspects:

  • Customer journey and customer experience: definitions and insights
  • Definition of the scope of analysis: customer clusters and selection drivers
  • The mapping of a phase in the Customer Journey
  • The Customer Journey: a tool for making decisions
  • Listening to the Customer Voice and developing an improvement process (Kaizen), aiming at simplifying the customer’s life.

The value perceived by the customer is not the result of the evaluation of a single moment. Ratherit is a result from all the cognitive experiences and perceptions experienced by the client during his interaction with the company. We need to go through the path our customer follows from the time he begins to have a need to be satisfied to the moment he buys and uses the  chosen service / product. This is also called Customer Journey.

The mapping of a customer’s journey is the first essential step that allows  to align the sales process of one’s own organization with the real needs that the customer develops at each phase of the purchasing … and repurchasing (!) process.

By means of exercises and the presentation of real cases, we show to the participants a specific methodology for mapping, which allows concretely to focus on the client’s needs on each business operation, granting for the best experience along the entire journey.

Intended for

This event is especially meand for Business Managers, Sales Managers, Division Managers (BU Manager), Business Section/Dept. Managers, Marketing Managers, HR Managers, Lean Managers


The individual fee is 500 € + VAT.

For more details and registrations, feel free to contact the information desk: Ms Eva Ronconi, Phone +39 0444 333849


April 17th, 2019


1 day


CUOA Business School


Italy – Vicenza 



9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

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