Service Factory

A practical basis to start your Lean application in offices.

Lean Thinking means opportunity for both industrial and service businesses, to start a change process able to really affect the company’s income statement. This path of change implies a management style focused on people enhancement and involvement in decision-making. The change also relates to listening and delegation. In order to make real experiences of the  Lean Thinking principles, JMAC has developed the training initiative named SERVICE FACTORY – A real office environment to learn by doing, listening, exchanging roles and comparing results.

This initiative can be the real start to develop anew the most effective management and behavioral skills of your office staff:

  • Based on Lean Management methodologies
  • Highly experiential
  • Based on the principle of error: one learns by making mistakes and by constructively re-reading errors
  • Focused on increasing the value for the Customer, from which a better management of resources (technical, instrumental, economic, organizational, human) derives
  • Able to activate concrete process improvement plans  (kaizen).

The Lean management philosophy helps to eliminate the MUDA (waste) in a systematic way through specific tools and methods:

  • 5S – for the work standard optimization
  • OPL – for the description of the best operating mode made standard
  • Visual Management – for the simplification of the coordination processes
  • VSM – for the mapping of processes with a view to value
  • One Piece Flow – for a swift process lead
  • Balancing – for leveling workloads in between the phases of a process.

The Service Factory workshop training is intended to:

  • Office managers and middle managers
  • Organization, IT (process analysis), quality managers and experts.


March 2019


2 full days


JMAC Dojo House 


10 to 15 people



9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Date slancio ai vostri progetti. Questa esperienza farà la differenza nel come le vostre risorse lavoreranno insieme.

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