The program is entirely dedicated to improving the management skills for better perfomances with the research, development and design departments.


The program is based on the concept of continuous improvement (Kaizen) applied to the R & D departments. JMAC have been developing this training scheme for companies that intend to base or re-engineer their innovation development strategy. Its modular configuration provides for each part to deliver the tools and methodologies for generating a virtuous circle within the company and make the process generating innovation self-sustainable.


The participants acquire knowledge, but above all they can reinforce (see the YWT technique: “what I did, what I understood, what I will do”) their ability to learn from the past and to create a proactive environment and favorable conditions for change. They also acquire the elements to: diagnose critical issues in their R & D  job and process, apply the main kaizen tools and define a concrete R & D improvement plan for their R&D organization. The course closes with a session dedicated to:

  • Sum up their ideas for improvement, using the KAIZEN concept and the methods learned during the training sessions.
  • Understand the problems and the boundary conditions correctly
  • Create KAIZEN scenarios by involving the team people when planning the future
  • Share/ present the proposals and the scenarios sketched out to the Management.
Intended for

R & D managers, design engineers, KP Officers, Lean Managers, project coordinators, Quality managers, etc.


To be agreed based on the number of modules selected


On demand


2 months (8 modules)


Your premises


English, Italian (your choice)


Fino a 15

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R&D management