A workshop on the three-year strategic lines, sharing the route and aligning the organization

An increasingly more global competitive context and a market that grows in double figures like the one of automation, requires that the companies operate according to the following:

  • Clear “field choices”:
    • Which ones are the key success factors on which the competitive advantage can be built? Is the company recognized by customers?
    • How to detect the new needs and how to bring the VOC within the company?
    • Which ones are the paths for future development based on the multilevel matrix Industry-Functions-Technology (focalization vs differentiation)?
    • Which guidelines from the economic-financial point of view?
  • field choices” shared and “assimilated” by the organization: as a guarantee of the unanimous commitment to reach the “far away goal”, the awareness of company priorities and individual ones (focalization and commitment),
  • “field choices” that generate operational actions: through deployment and the launch of continuous improvement projects (kaizen) coherent with the company view and concretely feasible thanks to the active involvement of all the people (from the front line to the entire operational organization through cascade involvement models) and usage of lean methodologies A3T that force to adopt the scientific approach PDCA.

These are the main themes of the workshop that lasted two full days and had as participants the owners of Campetella and 30 of its managers. They were busy working together, in a friendly and productive atmosphere! A special thank you to all participants for their profuse commitment and the deepness of the contributions offered.

Campetella Robotic Center is an Italian company grown in the last few years with a progressive evolution of its technologies, products, production and sales. Motivated to grow and to look to the future, the company has asked us to support them in focusing the strategy and conducting a workshop to foster the internal comparison and the operational deployment of the strategic lines.

Marco Melioli Chief Operating Officer and Silvia Mandelli –  Senior Consultant of JMAC Europe – both specialized in the area of Sales & Marketing Management, after having guided the ownership in the activity of setting the strategy for the following three years, with coaching activities and the usage of thinking tools, they have worked with participants in operational deployment sessions, whose output will become cross-functional projects to be developed in the coming months/years.

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